TC rocks 100%

Ambica Gulati
What I liked about TC: that it’s centrally located, stays open till midnight and there’s a choice to sit on the terrace and enjoy the breeze. Of course, if you feel it’s too hot, the air-conditioned indoors with its peppy interiors will make you feel cooler. You can sit next to the iron man or choose your own corner, the walls are decorated with posters of rockstars.
Palak and I sat kind of under the stairs. It was a nice private corner. High above us hung star lamps. The setting was something of a mix of an Aladdin and Alice fairy story.
With a tag line of 100% rock, you can really rock after a few cocktails. The menu is interesting with pictures of all-time hit rock bands and even the cocktails are named after them. You are bound to enjoy this snazzy, jazzy place.
The menu tells you what musicology is, gives short background of the artist and then five cocktails for the band. I tried Three Angels which is a heady mix of Whisky, Sambuca and Grenadine. Drinking is fun when there are friends and no one to worry about. You can sit and eat and chat, which is exactly what Palak and I did.
We downed the drinks with Grilled Fish (a yum sauce over it), Prawn Dim Dums (a must try), Grilled Prawns with BBQ sauce which was good. But what I would say goes best with drunks is the Volcano of Veg Nachos. If you don’t feel like trying a lot of things, this volcano is the yummiest starter there.
Now, coming back to our second rounds, there are classic cocktails and TC signature ones. And there ars shots, liquors, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Beers, mocktails, quenchers, smoothies and more. None shall go hungry and thirsty from TC.
But the rock ones were still alluring, so Squeeze box it was—mix of Vodka, Schnapps and Triple Sec. Go slow and easy with the second round I would say.
For the main course, a good try is the salad bowl—the Classic Greek one I liked and the Som Tam. Even though the chatting was taking up most of the time, we still had room for the main course. We tried Chicken Mala which I feel you need to eat and not describe. Next was Grilled Prawns with Spicy Tomato Sauce, but the best dish that I liked was Nasi Goreng. This is a meal in itself and you actually don’t need anything else.
For those who love pastas and pizzas, there are plenty of options. Sandwiches and burgers are aplenty too. And our meal ended with a Tiramisu.
Nasi Goreng
All in all, what TC offers is great music, a unique wall made of real wine corks and a soothing ambience. My thumbs up for the place where you can try new cocktails.
Sharing platters, Happy hours through the day and some special nights to be launched it’s the place to experience the best of rock.
Name: TC, Connaught Place
Timings: Noon to Midnight
Address: M 66, First Floor, Connnaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
For reservations, contact us on: + 91-9717747080
Wall made of wine corks

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