Director of Gaia Dolly Kumar tells 10 ways to add aloe vera to your diet
Full of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and phytonutrients, aloe vera is a natural and effective way to add some nutrition to your diet. Start in small amounts and check with your doctor before beginning an aloe vera regimen.
  1. The most convenient and fuss free way to add aloe vera to your diet is by having aloe vera  capsules. Try Gaia Aloe Vera capsules.
  2. Blend fresh aloe vera gel with water to make aloe vera juice. Drink it as it is or mix it with some honey to improve its taste.
  3. Mix aloe vera juice with fresh fruit juice for added nutrition.
  4.  Mix aloe vera gel in fruit and vegetable smoothies.
  5.  Consume a spoonful or two of fresh aloe vera gel in the morning with a glass of water.
  6. Enjoy cool & refreshing lemonade in summers by mixing lemon juice, aloe vera juice and stevia or honey.
  7. Mix fresh aloe vera gel or juice to your sorbet recipe for a yummy and nutritious dessert.
  8. Blend some aloe vera gel into your salad dressings.
  9. Some people enjoy poached aloe vera which is prepared by cooking aloe vera gel cubes with sugar and lime juice.
  10.  Add some aloe vera juice to mocktails and cocktails for a healthy surprise.