Lots about Dumplings at Chew: Pan Asian Café

  • Ambica Gulati
There are a number of reasons Chew remains on my mind, but the main one is that I learned to use chopsticks there. Though I still need a lot of practice but somehow it is the only restaurant where I end up eating with chopsticks! And what all have I tried with chopsticks—dumplings. The restaurant or café has an amazing variety of dumplings—crystal clear, wheat, fried–and stuffings are aplenty too—sea food, veggies and meat.
Browsing through the menu, it’s difficult to decide which ones to order. Though we did try–my sis, me and the other bloggers–a lot, I liked Crystal Chicken ones the best. And amongst the veggies my vote goes for Pan Fried Corn, Panchoy and Cheddar dumpling. The dumplings are freshly made and through the clean glass windows you can actually see how they are made under the most hygienic conditions possible. The dough for the crystal is made right there and then and rolled out with special knife. For the other dumplings a special rolling pin is used.
Some cool facts about dumplings:
  • Dumplings are the speciality snack of the Canton region in China.
  • And the family comprises spring rolls, dimsums, momos.
  • Steamed in a bamboo basket, the non-veg ones take about 15 minutes and the veggies around 10 minutes. The baskets have a long life, can be used about 60 times and always washed in lukewarm water lined with vinegar.

Soft, melting and eaten with a variety of sauces, a dumpling basket has four pieces. The quality is worth the price is all I can say and take loads of people, so you can try all on the menu! Maybe that’s a bit too enthusiastic, but certainly you would like to go back again and again to try the soft round, differently shaped, some open, some closed dumplings at Chew: Pan Asian Café.

We downed these with a number of drinks—Dirty Granata, Pink Lady, Mango Pinacolada, Virgin Sangria, Berry Blast to name some. And you must try the Jap dishes as it is one of the few eating places in Delhi where the veg Jap rolls are worth trying.
And ended on a sweet note with some yum desserts—Tiramisu, Dark and light Chocolate and more.
Address: Chew, M16, First Floor, Connaught Place, Outer Circle, New Delhi 110001‎
For reservations, call: 097 18 700060
Meal for two: Rs 1,500 plus taxes

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