• Ambica Gulati

It’s most likely a global dream country. It’s the place where entrepreneurs soar and talent gains recognition. It’s the land which influences global economy. So when I was invited to a masterclass on the famous All American Breakfast by Foodhall in Delhi, I immediately took out out my car and began the traffic-ridden ride from Noida to DLF Place Mall in Saket.

Driving in Delhi is not fun but the thought of what the Americans eat was a little more exciting and I managed to reach just as the black bean burgers were being cooked on the grill. The Chefs were busy explaining the making and grilling the black bean patty all mixed with feta cheese. One side of the bun was run with mustard sauce, the other with a mayonnaise mixed with cheese and milk and chives, a little bit of spicy sauce on the bun, lettuce leaf and the burger was ready to eat. Light and fluffy, nothing like the fried tikkis we are used to making at home. And it’s also a break from KFC and McDonalds’ burgers. Move over fries and take over healthy fillings.

After the burgers, it was the turn for pancake and waffles. These can be demolished with the traditional maple syrup, honey, candies or an interesting concoction on orange peels-ginger and sugar syrup. I vote for the orange-ginger sugar concoction even though this was an Indian touch.

Though the chefs had mustered up a yummy Greek salad, but I wouldn’t say it was Classic American Breakfast, though good for the stomach and a good beginning to the day.

Foodhall also offers some American nuts, Chado Tea and peanut butter. Explore to see what appeals to you.