Beer, burgers and more, this is a biker’s delight and a party timer’s scream
  •  Ambica Gulati
This is one review I loved! Simply because no one asked me to eat everything on the menu. No one troubled me with the meats and the quantity before me was not what I had to waste. Between Madhu Sen and me, we ordered four dishes so that we enjoyed the food. And the lovely surprise was that it was karaoke night, so we got to hear some live music.
Café Torque is a biker’s delight, so I had heard. Meats were the popular dishes and everything seemed king size to us (bad manners, but we did look at the other tables to understand what how much one serving was and concluded that the burger could be demolished by two people easily).
Now everything in that place is a man’s delight—bikes, music, meats and drinks and of course, women they come to dine with. But as two women who had decided to check out this very masculine sounding café or rather I should say restaurant, we got a very comfortable welcome. The ambience with its dim lighting makes you feel as if you are in a den, very mysterious and cosy at the same time. Bikes and pix of bikes greet you. They are for sale as is the merchandise I was told. I must say that even the washroom taps were like fuel pipes. But you will enjoy the ambience and once settled in after a drink or so, you kind of want to try out a bike yourself. And no, there’s no grease and dirty rags anywhere around you! No mechanics in overalls, no biking pits, but warm smiling staff to make this a unique biking dining experience.
Since Madhu is a vegetarian, we decided to opt for a veg starter and a non-veg starter. And she also does not like alcoholic stuff, so her poison was Paan-AsianMojito (Rs 175) which is Muddled Sweet Paan, Lime and Sprite, and my drink was the regular Vodka with Cranberry juice.
And when you are here, better not hurry and worry. Just enjoy the food slowly as it’s light and fluffy. I decided to give a kick to my Vodka-Cranberry juice glass with Kicker Fish Skewers (Rs 325). The menu defines them as Peri Peri fish skewers, served with chilli lime marmalade, cucumber and dill Salsa. And I must say that it is chilly but went well with my drink. The tang of the Salsa and the sweet of Cranberry was fine rolling palette.
Madhu opted for Roll-some! ( Rs 295)—‘Melt in your mouth’ Zucchini rolls filled with trio of peppers and cheeses. Yes, they did live up to their promise of melt in your mouth.
For the main course, Madhu dug into a plate of Risotto–Arborio rice cooked in broth, white wine and cheese (Rs 275). She liked it as it was light, the serving enough for one person to enjoy without being stuffed.
I ate a plate of Fire Grilled Cobb Salad (Rs 255) which is Crisp Romaine lettuce topped with roasted sweet baby corn, crumbled ricotta, roasted bell peppers, served with white balsamic dressing. You could add chicken too though I didn’t.
We had a light dinner, and completely unbiker like in a biker’s café, but for those wanting a taste of the famed meats—there are some interesting dishes—The Gearhead, Armor, The Brotherhood Thump. There are platters for two and buckets for four. The menu also has a vast range of pizzas, sandwiches, pastas, soups… and it goes on.
Our sweet note was Bailey’s Banana Trifle (Rs 195). Sharing the Caramelised bananas, brownie crumble, double cream, Bailey’s Irish cream, toffee sauce, grated chocolate sweet, we decided that it would be a nice place to come and hang out with a group.
It’s where you can unwind with a bunch of guys over beers, skewers, burgers and anything that relaxes you.
Café Torque also has plans to collaborate with biker groups for meals and more. They have been in touch with Arun Thareja- The Founder of G.O.D.S (Group Of Delhi Superbikes), who also came for a taste of what bikers love.
Meal for two; Rs 1,500 plus taxes
Address: 4, Basant Lok Community Centre, PVR Priya Complex, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi