Two things you must carry with you to enjoy the sun ‘n’ sand:
1. Beach bag
Want to bring home a memento from the beach but not the sand? Collect your shells in Hello Beach’s unique mesh bottom bag.This lightweight tote is made of half mesh, so the sand shakes right out. The top half is 100 cotton, while the bottom half is made of durable woven mesh. It folds small to conveniently fit in luggage for airline travel to oversea destinations. Created by a mom and hand sewn in the USA!  Eco-friendly and Reusable. Retail: $20.99 Available in two sizes, blank or personalized with store name, destination (such as Treasures from Atlantic City), name or monogram! Currently sold on and

2. Hand-sanitiser 

safeHands®, an alcohol-free sanitiser, not only  kills 99.99% of germs, but it also  moisturizes hands. While hand sanitizers have become increasingly important during the cold and flu season, safeHands®will be particularly appealing to health and safety-conscious consumers, who may have some skin sensitivity to or concerns about alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 
safeHands®  is available in stores throughout the U.S. To find out more info about the benefits of safehands® and to locate your nearest store,  go to