Unable to move out for a weekend getaway? Experience the weekend in a special travel box by Giftxoxo.com. These experience gift boxes offer 15 different weekend experiences to choose from. 
There is out of the world experience of actually flying an airplane–fly a microlight plane and literally float in the clouds. Taxi your plane on the runway and if you are up for it you might even be allowed to do the landing as well. 
For all the city dwellers, there is a unique opportunity to experience rustic and charm of the village. Drive down to the cozy village of Muthur, Karnataka and be a part of enchanting, rural India. Experience vineyard or dairy farms, rearing of silkworms or go about building bricks for your own home. Amidst all this, relish authentic local Muthur lunch to keep up your energy levels.

If morning walk is conjoined with exploring real heritage of Bangalore that is from St.Mark’s cathedral to Trinity church, then this will be an amazing opportunity for travellers who are visiting Bangalore for the first time.

One can explore nature at Nandi Hills or Banergatta National Park or Savanadurga. Discover mystic evening at Kumaon and more.
The price range starts from Rs 4,000/- to Rs 20,000/- and the gift certificate contains a unique voucher code to which the experiences in the box are mapped. At the time of redemption, you can choose to redeem any ONE of the experiences in the box as per your choice.