•  Ambica Gulati
 It’s a Dutch giant wheel in India and the gondola moves in a slow fashion, making six stops, loading and off-loading in its 20-minute ride as you fervently gaze through the glass to identify your favourite monument. It’s called the Delhi Eye! The water at Kalindi Kunj, lined with lotus leaves and birds is the first thing that catches your gaze as you are airborne. Soft music played in the air-conditioned capsule as we hung in the air and it was a treat for me, celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday watching the Capital’s iconic monuments. The queue to experience this was increasing as we looked at the scene below…and we were 18 storeys high in the air.
Then I switched my gaze to what was in front—the mosque in Jamia Milia, two towers far off, probably somewhere in Connaught Place, and then a mound which looked like the hills where Tughlakabad Fort is located. This was a far cry from the ancient giant wheel that I had experienced in my childhood, moved by the feet of men, as they toiled to take us to new heights, amidst the dust and heat of a long empty maidan.
The sun had still to go down and the smoky skies had clouded our vision. But on a clear day, one can identify Akhardham, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, of course Noida, I was told. It’s quite a spectacular view of Delhi.
Located at the lovely Kalindi Kunj, within the amusement park premises, it’s going to be an added attraction for those wanting a glimpse of the Capital at day, in the afternoon or at night. Six people can sit in comfort in the air-conditioned gondola and there is even a VIP one for those who want special moments as they turn round and round in the merry wheel.
What’s different about this wheel?

L-R: Syed Salim, MD izara Entertainment Pvt. Ltd; Henk Roodenburg,
President, Dutch Wheels and Venkoma Rides; Tahir Rana,
MD, Khan and Sirohi Electromechanical
Henk Roodenburg, President, Dutch Wheels and Venkoma Rides, the company behind the making of Delhi Eye, vouches for its safety. It can run in any weather, but “it should be fun” he smiles. The 10 people operating the machine are trained by the company and the “wheel lives longer than any of us”. This is the first wheel to be installed in an amusement park, most of the times, you find them across cities in other parts of the world, elucidated Mr Henk. The company has installed wheels in Bangkok, Baku, Helsinki, US, Belgium and more. The tallest is 60 mts and smallest 38 mts.
What you don’t need to worry about is the fact that even if there is an electricity malfunction, the wheel can be moved manually to evacuate, explained Syed Salim, Managing Director, izara Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The group is also in talk with Delhi Tourism to get Ho-Ho buses on this route. And Salim is also planning to add more rides. Right now the park offers Whirling rides, water slides, parachute ride, dodging cars and many more. There is a food court too.
Where: Kalindi Kunj, Delhi, near Noida border
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

Open: Throughout the week

Price: Rs 300 for Delhi Eye (discount of Rs 50 for the first 15 days)
Best part is if you want to experience the Delhi Eye only, you can simply buy tickets for that, it’s not necessary to pay for all the rides.