While you are travelling…do carry some healthy snacks with you..

Butter And Butts

I’m someone who starts dreaming about lunch soon after breakfast. And if I don’t eat anything between breakfast & lunch, my stomach starts to grumble and I’m cranky. Hence, I snack!

Snacking if done the right way can make improvements to your overall health. According to a recent survey, Americans with the healthiest overall eating practices were twice as likely to snack as compared to those with less healthy eating habits.

Plan your snacks in advance and keep them in your handbag. Not only will this curb cravings but will also give you the energy to keep going and hit that post-work party with a glow on your face.


It’s important to have access to nutritious food so that if you get a snack attack between meals you won’t reach for the vending machine. Here are 10 easy snack ideas to satisfy your mid-meals’ hunger:

  • Nuts- Cashews, raisins, etc.
  • Fruits

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