Words: Ambica Gulati

Senoritas and senors, Instituto Cervantes in Delhi will soon host a play titled La hija de Rapaccini by Octavio Paz. Seeing this poster, I remembered that long time back I had a chat with the Cultural Manager Jesus Clavero Rodriguez. So sharing with you what makes Spain an interesting country and Spanish a learnable language. Excerpts:

You have been in India since a long time. What do you focus on in the institute?
It is a way of cultural interaction, getting to know each other. There is dialogue and Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. It is spoken across Spain and Latin America.

What else happens in the institute besides language learning?
We have held workshops on Flamenco, Salsa, Tango, gastronomy. Theatre is an important medium of expression. Earlier also we have done plays on contemporary themes. This helps promote young talent.

What other activities that are promoted here?
Poetry, cinema, exchange programmes between students.

What do you find interesting about India?
India has a fascinating mix. There are huge geographical changes and its different living conditions in different parts. Delhi itself is so diverse. I have been to Ladakh, West Bengal.

Indian foods you have tried and liked…
Dosas, chola bhatura, vegetarian dishes are healthy.

Do you like any Indian actor?
Aamir Khan.

Any spiritual practice you picked?
Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in Delhi, also learned reiki.

Reasons to visit Spain.
The landscape–its beautiful hills, forests in the southern part, the seaside with its Mediterranean blues, the blue skies. The culture in San Diego, Toledo, Castillo. It is a melting pot of Europe. The architecture with its beautiful Romanic and medieval castles. The literature, the food, the music, and its warm people!