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A bit of solace, a holiday to rejuvenate, a place to let go, a city of your dreams, and no crowds, not even people you know. Log on to which is India’s first online solo traveler community. This organizes special interest tours for solo travelers. Bridging the divide between the ever increasing online and offline world of people, through this community you can connect to some great people online and meet them in real world, not disturbing your charm of traveling solo. The community is a platform to facilitate people who want to pursue their passion of traveling irrespective of destination, theme or style wherever they wish.

Founder Shefali Walia loves traveling and understands the pains of traveling solo herself. She worked on this concept for two years and armed with her experience of working in various sectors such as e-commerce, manufacturing, beauty and cosmetics and retail, she decided to launch this community.

Shefali Walia, Founder and SpokespersonAn email conversation with Shefali revealed what went into the making of this. Excerpts:

How did this journey begin?
Traveling is my passion. I always looked for like-minded company to travel and have been disappointed many times. Hence I decided to be a solo traveler. And within my journey I realized many counterparts who are longing for a one platform to meet and enjoy the trip together.

Why did you choose such a responsible way of travel?
Traveling to people means a lot of thought and planning, and that’s something understandable in such fast pace of life. Backing outs, availability of friends, coordination of dates, locations or conveyance was like a headache to confirm a much wanting trip. Therefore due to these pain points hindering my desire to travel made me choose solo traveling.

Going alone means you need to have an adventurer’s spirit…Do you feel India is ready for this?
If we talk specifically about women, then safety is one major point to be considered and has bound many women to try out the concept. Be it India or any other nation. This has been one of the considerations for starting a platform where people can enjoy the space and motive of solo traveling with the actuality of being with trustable people and in safe hands. When it comes to experience the core adventure spirit, I think today the face of independence and quality lifestyles have made people bold enough to take decisions and try out something unusual.

Who are your target clients–age, gender?
People of all age group and any profession who are 18 + of age and those who have passion to travel and see the world.

What would be the nature of services offered?
Wetravelsolo will help connect like-minded people in boot their online as well as real worlds. People would be able to travel together with other like-minded people on

What would kind of assurance does a solo traveler get for being taken care of?
Wetravelsolo will not be selling a trip but will be selling a complete experience which says that we own the responsibility of you not getting bored on the trip. Ideally your journey to travel should start from that one thought you get “I want to Travel” and you can start your travel. Wetravelsolo is concept in functioning and taking you on a trip from that one thought.

What kinds of destination are you promoting–budget, luxury, normal, resorts, hotel stays?
It will be a mix of everything, based on various exciting experiences and themes.

What do you think will be the turnaround time for this venture to take off and become a profit centre?
This is a new concept covering various pain points of travel. We will be in a better position to answer this after the launch of the product.

kasolWhat you can expect to find on…
You join a pre-designed solo concept tour with lot of other solo travelers matched on set criteria, in a specially designed tours by experienced trip crafters set on various mind boggling themes.
Trocializing Activities to meet and enjoy the company of interesting strangers traveling along with you.
WeTravelSolo hand picks people for every tour based on set criteria to make you enjoy your solo tours in a company of a great group. We take special care of safety and fun factor for females and introverts traveling with us.