The Khyber Spa by L'OCCITANE-massage by a stunning vista

Brighter, radiant skin at The Khyber, Gulmarg

DSC_0332Words: Ambica Gulati

Entering The Khyber
Little snow car

Little had I expected that The Khyber would be constructed of imposing black stone, giving the look of the erstwhile palaces found in the plains–Snow cars on the side of the steps leading inside the resort. The lobby a rising wooden structure with carved chandeliers and round curved sofas with exquisite embroidery, it’s a very warm welcome to a visitor. Actually, going a little by common sense I figured that from the lobby there was a left passage leading to the rooms and a right one leading to more rooms. So it’s something like a T junction. And there’s different kinds too. We got luxury premium rooms with balcony, there are some without a balcony too. And then there’s the duplex cottages—this is a mini-apartment with a dining hall and separate area for children. Actually, this is the best place for a family holiday or maybe a honeymoon where you will be cocooned in your world of fantasy.

But the king of the place is certainly the Presidential Suite, as the name would suggest. This is a mansion within the resort and you can have a ball here with your courtiers! But what makes it truly exotic is the Jacuzzi pool as you step out of the master-bedroom and right into this glorious thing and behind you is the great outdoors. It gives the feeling of being in one of those James Bond films where girls romp in the water and 007 revels with them.

So if you don’t want to go lavish but still experience the fresh pine air, the majestic mountains, then the room with the balcony is the one for you. The amazing part is that since the resort is built on the mountains, there are little nooks and corners where you would actually like to play hide and seek. I sat in one reading my book for a long time.

View from the bathroom window
Waiting for the spa treatment

Now my walk completed and restlessness a little subdued, it was six o’clock and the spa was my destination. Not that I had done anything great indoors but it is supposed to the only spa of this kind in Kashmir and experiencing it is a must.

The menu is pretty baffling, but I wanted my face to be as peachy as the Kashmiri girls I had seen on the way up. So I decided upon ‘Immortelle Secret to Brightness’ facial. I know it’s kind of unusual to choose a facial in a spa which offers great massages, but I was told that it’s a signature facial for LÓccitane and each treatment takes about three to six months to happen. So it’s tested and tried and tested and tried again before it reaches the massage room. L’Óccitane is a company which believes in transparency, so I even got an explanation on the benefits and products used—what I would be going through in the next 75 minutes.

@The Khyber Spa by L'OCCITANE.What are the benefits of this treatment?

This advanced brightening facial is ideal for anyone concerned about sun damages and age spots. So Delhiites like me would love it.

It effectively fights pigmentation marks, thanks to specific formulas enriched in New Daisy Flower and derivative of Vitamin C, with a dual action on skin discoloration – both corrective and preventive. Yes, it goes for people who are fighting this skin problem.

At the same time, organic Immortelle essential oil, combined with the signature lifting face massage, delivers strong smoothing and firming benefits. As a result, skin is left incredibly smooth and radiant, complexion looks brighter and more even. I did come out looking more even and bright and I would say women would love this feeling.

What’s used?

  • Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam-Citrus fruit extracts (Grapefruit and Mandarin)- lightening\cleanses, refreshes, skin is pure and radiant
  • Immortelle Brightening Toner- Hamamelis floral water, refines skin texture, reflects the light-skin is toned and radiant
  • Immortelle brightening smoothing exfoliator- Natural micro granules of pumice stones- deep exfoliating action, Mulberry extract- brightens the complexion. It purifies evens and lightens. Skin becomes smooth and radiant.
  • Immortelle Eye Balm- Rose flower water- Softening and soothing\ reduces dark circles, puffiness and tiredness signs, eye zone keeps its youthful look.
  • Immortelle Brightening essence\ serum- Wintergreen leaves extract- exfoliates, Chamomile extract- soothes- smoothes, evens and brightens. Skin is firmer, complexion is uniform and radiant.
  • Immortelle Cream mask- Vitamin A, Vitamin E-Anti-oxidising and stimulating, Shea Butter- protecting, nourishing. Complexion is fresh, radiant and even. Skin stays youthful and fresh even longer.
  • Immortelle Essential Water for face- Centella asiatica extract- Stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • Immortelle brightening moisturizer (Precious Fluid) – moisturizes the skin, makes the skin smooth and radiant, complexion is brighter and more even-toned.
  • Immortelle SPF- 40 Precious Fluid- plants extracts. Protects against pollution, evens, and lightens. Prevents sun damage.

Price: Rs 4,000 + taxes

I looked in the mirror, was I a little fairer and brighter…the mirror assured me that the dark rings around my eyes had dimmed, the face looked nicely even and there was a heady fragrance around me. I was all ready for the dinner at Cloves—the multi-cuisine restaurant where I could eat a-la-carte or try the lavish buffet.

View from cloves in the day
View from cloves in the day
Mountain view from the balcony
Mountain view from the balcony

There’s a lot to the world of The Khyber. I will be sharing more in the coming days. Keep reading.

Winter packages at The Khyber


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