Chalo Paris

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 Words: Ambica Gulati

The night was young, the stars bright, French songs and Burgundy wine with cheese flowed. The occasion: launch of Chalo Paris apps and easing of visa procedures for Indian visitors. The location: awesome landscaped lawns of the Residence of the French Ambassador to India, HE Francois Richier.

Considering I learned French from Alliance Francaise way back in the early 1990s, I should have understood the songs, but then I am out of touch and was all attention trying to figure out the happy lyrics. But what I did get clearly was that Chalo Paris will give visitors all that one needs to know and to do in Paris.

What does the app offer:

  • Monuments and tourist spots in Paris.
  • Restaurants in Paris with a particular focus on vegetarian restaurants and some recommendations by Paris-fan and acclaimed food-critic Rashmi Uday Singh.
  • Shopping areas in popular destinations and nightlife.
  • Series of destinations in France with easy access from Paris: Normandy, Loire Castles, Mont Saint-Michel, Bordeaux and its vineyards…
  • Practical features for English-French/ French-English translation to help you out in some scenes of everyday life in France.
  • All practical numbers and €/rupee convertor.

Chalo Paris app will be available from December 10, 2014 (Apple store, Android/Google play).

L-R: Rashmi Uday Singh, Tim Guillois,H.E. Mr François Richier_Jean-Michel Cassé_ Catherine Oden and Hicham Lahkim Bennani

L-R: Rashmi Uday Singh, Tim Guillois,H.E. Mr François Richier_Jean-Michel Cassé_ Catherine Oden and Hicham Lahkim Bennani

Visa for Paris
Tourist and business visas for Indians visiting France will now be delivered by the French consulates within 48 hours (2 working days). This will be implemented from January 1, 2015. A text message will be sent automatically to the applicant should there be an extension of deadline due to missing documents or inaccuracies in the visa application. Eight new Visa Application Centres to be launched:

Visas will be delivered within 72 hours in these new centres. Any Indian citizen with main residence in India can now apply for a visa from any VFS centre in India.484-paris-historic - Copy


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