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Chef Vikas Khanna (left) and Rajiv Makhni

Everything is a click these days—moments, memories, people, places. And when those clicks fall in the hands of Chef Vikas Khanna and Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni, in a conference room full of women in pink, they become funny food moments. The Lumia Apptasting session hosted by Microsoft in collaboration with Women on Wanderlust (WOW) at Delhi’s Taj Man Singh was an eye-opener on fun around that click. It was an introduction to the mobile apps available on Lumia devices.

Giving Android apps a run are the new Windows apps. There are lots of interesting features but some catchy ones were: Face Swap, Self Defense App.

Face swap lets you switch faces in an instant, so say Goodbye Photoshop.

The tracker in the Self Defense App reminded me of those spy thrillers where people are tracked with a button in their coats or purses. This will make you feel like Bond, James Bond 007.

But right from the time you decide to take off to a land of your dreams, the apps can help you organize, track, tackle, stay in touch, choose the places you want to see, give your location, offer fun facts, wacky quotes, and take some awesome pictures. You can add or subtract the people you want in the photo, change those photo-bombs and the Lumia can take a huge group selfie too.

Two features which especially caught my attention were the Translator and Picture Sketch Camera. With the translator, language is no barrier anymore. For instance, you could ask your device to tell you how to ask for a croissant when in France. Just say it in English or your native language and the app will answer it in French. Voila! You then have a croissant.

The Pencil Sketch lets you convert your photos into sketches or cartoon avatars by applying up to 14 different image effects. The world of Lumia Windows apps is extensive, some free, some paid, some fun, some quirky and you can check them all at