unnamed (1)Words: Ambica Gulati

Production company: Agniputra Films
Cast: Imaad Shah, Ira Dubey, Auritra Ghosh, Raaghav Chanana, Tom Alter, Lushin Dubey, Tenzin Woeser, Barry John, Beatrice Ordeix
Director: Agneya Singh
Screenwriter: Agneya Singh
Producer: Vindhya Singh
Executive producer: Agneya Singh, Vindhya Singh
Director of photography: Mingjue Hu
Production designer: Angelica Monica Bhowmick
Costumes: Gayeti Singh
Editor: Hemanti Sarka; Music: Srijan Mahajan, Arsh Sharma, Nikhil Malik
Time: 127 minutes

Screened at the Delhi International Film Festival, M Cream joins the list of films made by young and independent filmmakers. New York University graduate Agneya Singh has tried to express the quest of young adults with M Cream which is all about a desire to create a utopia, experiment with hash, creativity and mythical lands. The location is the green, exotic Dharamshala and the young filmmaker has made an admirable attempt to catch the mindset of an urban Indian youth.

Image-02There’s sex, drugs, rave parties, hippies, philosophy and mythology, M Cream is cream which needed a little bit of more beating. It’s a quest that all of us can relate to because at 20 the fantasy is still alive. The dialogues have poetry, politics, the daily lingo, and there’s no drama. There is the desire to help people with a belief in freedom, environment issues. Fortunately, there’s no religion, no untruth and no suspense, just four honest friends trying their best to grow up with their unique ideas and thoughts. M Cream is an honest attempt to capture the young ones trying to bloom into good adults with good principles which cam make up a good society. The film is well edited, has good cinematography and fresh acting skills. There’s a bit of contemporary music too. What I did like best are the names of the characters–Figs, Maggie, Jay and Niz–cool and friendly.

tiff infomationIt has travelled across festivals in the US and Europe. It is also the winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Rhode Island Film Festival. I caught up with Agneya Singh to know about this journey. Excerpts:

The film is a very bold subject with drugs and sex. And screened in a film festival hosted by the government.
This is an intense period for the young urban Indian. I feel a lot of rebellion is coming back. Though India is rising and developing, there is still disillusionment as there are not enough jobs in the market. And the film has a struck a cord with most young people. There was a mixed response from the audience in Delhi but internationally young people have associated with the film very well. It is a reflection of our times and I feel cinema should not shy away from the reality. The goal of cinema is to highlight social issues.

The film is about young urban Indians. So is the name of the drug and place fiction or fact?
M Cream and Mabagojago are fictional. Though there are secret places in the hills, but we are not touching upon that area. We shot the film across Himachal Pradesh.

Some reactions of the international audience that you can share.
Young people in France, US, London, they could identify with this scenario. People were surprised to see an India like this as they are quite used to seeing a third-world vision or Bollywood.

What are your plans—would you be doing more documentaries or any plans of going into Bollywood?
I have done documentaries before and will keep doing them. The film will be running into more festivals in 2015. Even in Bollywood there are a lot of intelligent films being made, so I am not shying away from that.

Watch the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCHaINrKhmU