• MassageCouple General Body Massage with Steam or Sauna; Price: INR 4,300/- Steam, INR 4500/- Sauna

After General Body Massage there is no fear of microorganism, allergies or infection to the body, the body circulation increases in such a manner that is flushes out the toxins and releases good substances which inprove the immunity power of the body relaxes the body completely. The massage can be combined with steam or sauna.

  • Couple Deluxe Hydro Massage (Complimentary Vigorous Body Massage and Dashmool bath and Deluxe Hydro Bath); Price: INR 5,500/-

It’s an acupressure technique, which helps in stimulating almost 90 vital points of the body. It cleans the skin and improves the circulation of the pranas i.e. the oxygen binding capacity and immunity of the body is enhanced. This helps in skin tightening, skin soothing and skin sagging.

  • Couple Herbal Facial and Rose petal Massage; Price: INR 6,000/-

This is an enriching treatment of the facial skin and frontal neck area, which helps in removing pimples, blemishes, suntan, skin hyper or hypo pigmentation, black heads, white heads, dark circles around the eye wrinkles of facial skin. In this rejuvenation treatment all the 14 vital points on the facial skin are massaged with medicated oil according to the skin and body type for 15 minutes, then herbal steam for 15 minutes followed by scrub off fresh fruits or vegetables on the face for 15 minutes and then the herbal face pack is applied for 25 minutes and finally a rose water wash for 15 minutes.

  • Couple Scrub Massage and couple mud bath; Price: INR 6,500/-

This is a body with medicated oils and scrubbed with either rose petals/sand/sesame or pulses depending on the body type. This massage helps in bringing out the dead cells, refreshes the skin and revitalises the system. This is helpful in obesity, skin tan, dead cells removing, skin diseases, psoriasis, hypertension and insomnia. Mud Bath is an exotic mud therapy for cleaning the skins superficial and deep layers. This is effective for flaccid skin, marked skin, pimple skin,tan skin and other skin abnormalities.

  • Couple Aroma Therapy (General body massage with aromatic oils and Herbal Tub Bath); Price: INR 6,800/-

This is a therapy in which aromatic oils are used according to the body type and a pressurized massage is done on the whole body for 60 minutes.

  • Couple general body massage and Shirodhara; Price: INR 7,200/-

Is a treatment related to all the vital points of the head, where we pour different herbal relaxing medicines according to the body type like kshaya (herbal water of different herbs) / butter milk and medicated oil. Dhara is poured all over the vital points of the head from the forehead to frontal sutures and both the temporal areas, this massage is very effective in complete relaxation, stress relief, removing tension, insomnia, anger, mood swings, depression, anxiety neurosis and also helps in major decision making.