Where the sun shines and bicycles fly

tiff infomationwords and photographs: Ambica Gulati

Cheery, bright and a space away from the humdrum of shoppers in Ambience Mall, Re Café is a world of its own. Tucked away in a little corner of the first floor of the mall, this yellow café can make you feel hungry and happy at the same time. It’s one of those few places where you find different nooks and corners to celebrate different moods.  The steps in one corner with books lining the shelves above reminded me of those carefree student days when life was spent sitting on streets and steps, eating chat and pakora and endless cups of tea and coffee. And then there’s the little table with bicycle tyres which will remind of you the tricycle rings. On the other side, are wide glasses from where you get a grand view of the open sky and the green bushes. And here raindrops are falling, umbrellas are hanging and bicycles are flying. I simply loved this space and sat down to experience what the café was offering.

Ankur Sood, owner
Ankur Sood, owner

Ankur Sood, investment banker turned restaurateur, began the late noon lunch with some chat and bhel shots. And the table mats are made of denim with knives and forks in the back pocket. I would not be able to comment on the servings because I always ask for a small helping during these tasting sessions. And my friend, Anchal, just goes along with all that comes ontiff infomation the table. Actually, she was the official taster bringing the consumer palate. Her White Wine Sangria and my Vodka-based Guava Chilli went well with fresh crispy bhel shots. Amongst the snacks I tasted, the Jimikand wraps were more on the sweeter side. Ankur is a vegetarian so the menu has a good variety for the green lovers. Sood is fond of street food, so you will also find that chatpata flavour in the food. At any given time, there are at least16 people working to make your dining out a smooth experience.

I like fish but eating the fried sardines served with chips is an art. Sood had clearly warned us that either it would be a messy affair or the flesh would be in and the fins et al on the plate. Anchal managed to do the first and I learned the art of slicing through without the fins coming on the forks. For the main course, I tried the pasta which was good. We ended our meal with the really yummy Trifle.

Overall, Re is an experience where you can enjoy family times or remember the clean old student days minus the stress. The menu is a mix of different cuisine and cocktails and mocktails are aplenty. Actually, I would say that the place is best tiff infomationfor birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. It’s a place where you would like to go with your grandparents too!

Re means recapitulation or rewind or return and I distinctly remember that the café has sizzlers and happy hours, both of which I have not experienced. As the sun seems to be missing in January, I think a return to the sunny café would be a good way to get some cheer in life.

Address: Re Café, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Meal for two: Rs 1,200/- ++