Sigma has marched a long way when it comes to camera design. Redesigned in every aspect, including the sensor, engine, lens and body, the dp Quattro digital Camera series embodies Sigma’s philosophy of creating cameras that produce works of art.

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As with the cameras in the Quattro series, the dp2 Quattro features a redesigned camera body and Foveon “Quattro” Direct Image sensor with a Bayer equivalent of a 39 MP conventional sensor in resolution testing. The next generation sensor builds on the distinctive properties of X3 technology which uniquely records red, green, and blue wavelengths at each pixel location within three layers.

The Quattro sensor is a three-layered, panchromatic silicon chip whose green-sensitive middle and red-sensitive bottom layers each have 4.9 MP and record only colour/chrominance information. The top blue layer captures chrominance and resolution/luminance information with 19.6 MP, resulting in greater detail capture and resolution capabilities that are higher than the Merill DP camera line it replaces. The Quattro sensor’s architecture also contributes to true colour rendition, more detail capture, and faster image processing, all of which delivers even more realistic images.

The dp2 Quattro utilizes a fixed 30mm, 2.8 standard lens that is specifically designed and optimized to pair with the Quattro sensor and create images of exceptional sharpness and detail. The camera was designed and created to provide emotive imagery for all types of photography including, but not limited to, landscape, street, portrait, culinary, fine art and architectural photography.

The Sigma dp Quattro series high quality digital camera received the Gold Prize in Japan’s Good Design Awards 2014. The dp2 Quattro camera will differ from earlier generations of the DP cameras as it will feature:
The New Foveon X3 Quattro Direct Image Sensor that delivers images equivalent to 39 MP output from a conventional sensor.
Increased resolution from the DP Merill cameras, and a fixed 30mm 2.8 Lens specifically designed for the new sensor.
The true III image processor, providing ultrafast processing of an immense volume of image data without any deterioration of the final image.
Better high ISO performance with one to two stops of improvement.
Improved 3A performance: Auto Exposure, Auto Focus and Auto White Balance.
Enhanced Standard, vivid, neutral, portrait, landscape, FOV classic blue, and monochrome colour modes, and new cinema, sunset red, forest green, and FOV classic yellow colour modes.

PRICE: INR 79,000/-.