Sending a message of peace to my motherpearl
words: Ambica Gulati
It’s my mother birthday in March. So what do I get for her? I think she needs some clothes. But maybe a bag would do. Or could I get her a pair of bangles. Nothing, my head buzzed and I had not found my gift. So I checked online. Necklace, earrings, bracelets, bangles, jewellery options were aplenty. But what would define a woman who spent a lifetime looking after us, giving us a home, making life peaceful for us? Something calming, something which expressed the silent yet powerful bond—meenakari was out, kundan was too bling, and then I chanced upon pearl jewellery. This looked interesting, pearl jewellery shines, pearl stands for peace and calm, pearl comes from the deep, deep waters. Pearl jewellery looks good on all occasions, on every age group and it comes in varied colours.
Pink pearl jewellery was my favourite. But this was her birthday and it needed to match her tastes, so I browsed more.
Earrings: I found lots of hanging ones. Nice colours with traditional white, bands of gold. Then there were some red ones too. I also found mauve pearls. But my mother is not a hanging earring person, so I needed studs. There were some traditional designs. Suddenly I discovered some nice floral ones. These were on a discount too. There was a choice from many colours such as red, green, white. The dealer seemed to be offering some good deals. I decided to check the white and gold bracelet. This was a redefinition of pearl jewellery. There were different sizes of pearls used and it had two strings. I think this will look nice on most occasions, even informal ones.
But there were necklace sets too. The Infrared Pearl Pendant Set looked really eye-catching. It had ear rings, bangles and neckpiece. The design was good and the white and red pearl combination was sophisticated yet bright. Another good option was the changeable pendant set. It had three different styles and this looked like something we could carry to most weddings and parties. A good buy, certainly.
But now I was more tempted and decided to search for bangles too. I found something good in white. A pair with good red pearls also caught my eye.
Let me just complete the range with a ring too, I thought as I did a search for pearl jewellery rings. Nothing close came but I kept browsing till I had found a good match with the bangles.
Now I did a photoshop collage with my choices and finally settled on five pearl jewellery gifts—a pair of earrings, changeable pendant set, bracelet, pair of bangles, ring. My gifts selected, I put them all in the cart and placed my order.
But this is a surprise, so how do I ensure she doesn’t open the courier when it arrives. Need some help on that!