ind-roadsafety-04Affordable and stress-free way to reach your destinations

Words: Ambica Gulati

The beauty of a city like Delhi is that it’s a circular city. There are so many routes to each one place, so many roads and so many bridges. Travelling from Noida to Naraina Vihar, I was trying to choose between the metro and the car. And I didn’t feel like doing either. I didn’t feel like driving as my car needed repairs and I didn’t have the time to travel in the metro. I also had a lot of stuff to carry, so a cab seemed the next best idea. I had tried a cab service from Noida earlier. But this was not my day. There was some urgency in a corporate house and the cab owner had sent all his cabs there. So Google was my next best bet. Taxi service in Delhi, this phrase got me some numbers. But I would have to make a lot of calls. I didn’t know which was the best one, or rather which was the most affordable cab service in Delhi. I wanted a cheap Delhi cab service. But I also wanted to reach on time and feel safe.

So the next best bet was to find an affordable and safe taxi service. And then I found some more numbers and sites. I browsed though to see which were the best rates and also read some reviews. It’s nice to know which cab service in Delhi in cheap and safe. It is also nice to know what extra benefits it could give me. Maybe like the stores, taxi service in Delhi was also offering premium membership cards and point redeeming schemes. This seemed a little far-fetched but in current times, nothing is impossible. The competition for cheap Delhi cab service could be a strong driver for getting more loyal customers.

In this quest for a good cab service in Delhi, I found some deals also. Clear Car Rental was offering Rs 300 off on car booking for outstation. I bookmarked the page for future. This cab service in Delhi also had Rs 50 off for half day booking and Rs 100 off for a full day booking. Noida to Naraina Vihar was certainly a full day’s effort and getting Rs 100 seemed a good deal. So clicked and booked, I was now ready for my ride to Naraina with all my stuff.