gulmarg 2Where romance reigns, Bobby was picturised and churches were opened

Text and pix: Ambica Gulati

Sweeping meadows, gentle hills and green grass…Gulmarg is where romance blooms. A land of ponies and peachy complexions, Kashmir has been a dreamland for most of us. During my childhood, I had traveled across the state which has the sweetest air and absolutely red cherries. And 26 years later, when I went once again to Kashmir, nature remained pristine, the air was still sweet and the grass still green. Flowers bloomed and tall pine trees lined our path. Breathtaking and serene, Gulmarg is the where nature gently nudges, lures with its exotic beauty.

Gulmarg apparently has a lot to explore, if nothing, you could enjoy walking through the meadows. But during my stay, it kept raining… to read full article, click here