tiff infomationMingling with the spirit of the khalsa in the city of bliss

 Texts and pix: Ambica Gulati

A sky so blue, the breeze so fresh, the smooth road to Anandpur Sahib, it was time for lots of festive colour, a dose of spirituality and langars. It was the holi weekend, the time for hola mohalla, and experiencing the marshal spirit of the Sikhs. The streets of little town of Anandpur Sahib reverberated with the sound of shabads; trucks and tractors laden with people poured in from all corners of the state of Punjab. Guru kee fauj aka nihangs walked around in their blue dress, weapons and turbans et all, inspired by Shiva’s blue throat, I was told by the Chairman of the Anandpur Sahib Heritage Foundation Sodhi Vikram Singh. Staying in the more than 350-year-old haveli, I felt blessed by Guru Ramdas. Singh’s family tree comes from the fourth Guru of the Sikhs and he is the 15th generation living in that haveli now. Though people like to see the residence of the guru, it’s only for private use.

The haveli is right near the main gurudwara, Keshgarh Sahib, and around the corner is Sis Ganj Sahib…. to read the complete article, click here http://www.askmeontravel.com/article/flavours-anandpur-sahib