Exploring the valley of Chambalpaan-singh-tomar-0a

Text: Ambica Gulati

Green mustard fields, stark landscape, a blue sky and loads of thrills, the road from Agra to Etawah was an introduction to the country’s most populated state—Uttar Pradesh. We were following the Agra Car Rally (February 2015) as it moved through the rustic parts of this land. No one in good old Uttar Pradesh is in a hurry. Here India lives as it lives… there are mud homes, people cooking on earthen stoves with cow dung as the fuel, camels carry the load and people ride on bicycles. Along the way, clusters of houses told us that we were crossing different villages. We stopped to pose in the middle of the mustard fields, peacocks flew away as we came near, but we discovered a real well from which the villagers drew water. This was the road within the famous Chambal valley where once upon a time dacoits ruled. The landscape is full of thorny bushes and wild berries. With time, the hills are now more like mud banks. The government helped by nature has turned them into rich fields.

The driver recounted tales of the famous ones—Nirbhaya Gujjar, Phoolan Devi, Paan Singh Tomar… to read the full article, click here.. http://www.askmeontravel.com/article/dacoits-peace

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