Rishikesh: Adventure mingles with spirituality

Wash away your sins or simply go rafting or mountain biking

White-water-River-raftingWords: Ambica Gulati

It’s one of my favourite places. The breeze sprinkles with chants, prayers for the holy Ganga are done through the day, diyas and flowers float constantly, foreigners rush around with rudraksha malas in quest for the unknown, yoga camps are held everywhere, sadhus with their kamandals walk around—Rishikesh is where the quest for inner bliss is constant.

Known as the world capital of yoga, it’s where everyone comes to be away from the madding crowd. But in this quest, they end up meeting another crowd. Avoiding the main town, I always stay at Muni ki Reti, literally translated as the sand of the sages. It’s said to be the place where the sages meditated. Rishikesh is the land of Vishnu, the god of senses. It’s where Shiva came to wash out the effects of the poison he had drunk during amrit manthan. Rishikesh is the land where mythical tales live on.

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