Experiencing the temples of solace and magnificent turns of the holy river

My beautiful pictureWords: Ambica Gulati

We were in Rishikesh and I was to disembark. When someone mentioned the group was traveling to Uttarkashi and staying in luxury camps. For the just newly grown up me on a journalistic assignment, who wanted to experience everything in the world, this seemed like an opportunity thrown by the heavens. I had visited Rishikesh many times but to experience the beyond, the high mountains, was an unexpected treat. Most of the people in the group were NRIs and they looked so young and happy, though they would have been in their 50s. With them I learned that looking young meant finding a solution for every problem and not getting bogged down by all that came your way. I was working for a magazine whose target audience was healers and healing modalities. And through the way we chanted Sanskrit shlokas.

The road curved and the scenery became more beautiful. My nose to the window, I looked at the Tehri dam. The driver pointed out the dry patches and the low lying villages.

Finally, we reached the town of Uttarkashi. The first building I saw was the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM). India’s first woman who climbed Mount Everest, Bachendri Pal, is an alumnus of NIM, the driver told us.

Temples galore, the holy river was called Bhagirathi here. The road up from the main town led to Gangotri. The famous temple in the centre of the city was Vishwanath temple…

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