Wearing your tee at tea time or just for a walk, it’s your statement

Graphics enhance the tee
Graphics enhance the tee

Words: Ambica Gulati

It was my friend Rania’s 45th birthday. And it was her daughter Tanya’s 16th birthday. Mother and daughter were trying to bond, so they had decided to have a weekend to themselves to celebrate their age and simply being mother and daughter. It was decided that they would take time to wear the same clothes, do the same things and eat the same food. Tanya liked paani puri and Rania wanted sanitized sandwiches. The teenager wanted a shiny graphic tee which said ‘love me, love my dog’ and the older one wanted a graphic tee with a Buddha on it. There was no fight on the jeans as a navy blue colour was what both agreed upon. But the 16-year-old certainly wanted a tear. However, they agreed to disagree on that. Rania stuck to straight fit and Tanya went searching for the figure hugging ‘torn from the thigh’ variety.

In this shopping spree, they fought many times, but always went together. After all the deal was mother-daughter celebration time.

To make their work a little easy, I suggested they try some online stores too. Graphic tees are aplenty on the web I had been told my young friends. And they were pocket-friendly too. In this quest we found a lot of beautiful ones. Some talked about music, some had flowers and birds, some had Madonna, one even said ‘I Am Crazy About You’. Another interesting one was with Snoopy turned upside down and it read, again upside down, ‘if you can read this you have no job’. But the icing on the cake was a garrish red one which said ‘babaji ka thullu’. A bowl of masala chips by our side and some green tea, we died laughing.

After hours of search we found a nice graphic tee which was a riot of colours. Its base was light green and a nice blue flower was printed all over. Finally, the quest was over. Tanya and Rania agreed that this was an all time wear–it made a feminine statement, it had a vibrant green. The flower signified their blooming love. They could wear it together and make the mother-daughter statement, go shopping, camping, walking, trekking and even to buy groceries and cosmetics. And it was available in different sizes which meant that they were both going to get it. The best part, it could be delivered in time for their weekend camp.

So bags packed, the graphic tee and jeans worn, Rania and Tanya were off to celebrate their birthday. Only person left behind was Sunny, the man of the house, who also thought he would try some graphic tees too. If the wife could make a statement with a graphic tee, so could he. It just needed the right style, size and graphic.