Mom needs a break too, Belgaum it was

Gokak Falls during night , pix: Sandeep Prakash
Gokak Falls during night , pix: Sandeep Prakash

Words: Ambica Gulati

Someone told me Mother’s Day was in May while others claimed it was in March. But a search showed it’s celebrated in March and May, different months in different countries. But that was not my idea for searching for Mother’s Day. I wanted to gift a peaceful holiday to my mom who has spent her entire life looking after her home and children, who has not bothered about her health and holidays. The older I grow, the more I realize her efforts and I think it’s about time she went on a break–away from the pressures of home and out into the beautiful wide world.

As we live in the north of India, my immediate thought was to gift something in a different region. A place where there was no hurry, no rush, lots of green space and plenty of ayurveda. Kerala someone at home said. It’s too cliché, something a little quieter. Again the quest and questioning began. Everyone was browsing. Names pelted and options were shouted at. Friends and family were all on this gift quest, best deals, best places, best gifts, things to carry in your travel bag.

Karnataka is an unexplored land. We found the exciting Badami Caves, lesser known and peaceful Gokarna coastal town, ancient site of Hampi and the evergreen Bengaluru. How to cover all in 15 days was the key. The quest now turned for trip advisors, planners and helpers. We browsed through many options with the best prices, suited to our pockets. Then we found Abhibus coupons..

Finally, the quest ended in Belgaum. There seemed little point in spending hot afternoons in the hotels, so Belgaum it was. Like most Indian cities, Belgaum is where art, culture, learning and industry come together. It is the land where the legend of the famous Rani Chennamma of Kittur survives. It is also one of Karnataka’s oldest and largest cities. Its culture is a blend of Maharastrian and Goan influences. There are lots of places to see–Belgaum fort, Kittur Chennama Fort, Gokak Falls, Doodh Sagar Falls, gothic-styled St.Mary’s Church and Kapileshwar Temple. Certainly sounded like a fortnight well spent, where one can experience chunky bites of India holistically.