Design, quality, functionality are important

Bags for all your travel needs
My travel bag for Seoul journey

Words: Ambica Gulati

I was invited by the Journalists Association of Korea for a conference to Seoul. And I discovered the tickets in my spam folder with just four days to go. Panic-stricken, my thoughts went random–there was the visa to get done, the travel insurance and I needed clothes and a handbag and a suitcase. Taking a deep breath, I called up the Korean Visa agency in Delhi to see what documents I needed and how fast it could get done. It was possible, so now what I needed was a bag to carry all my documents. Opening my cupboard I found that a fashion bag was probably not the right answer. I needed a bag which was functional, sturdy, safe, and stylish, had room for all my basic needs. And out came the orange one. This color didn’t look right for a conference. I didn’t want to look like a college student amidst the most serious crowd, discussing international affairs. So I needed an olive green for peace, maybe a dark blue which went with every dress or perhaps the basic black. No one could fault that. But no, I also needed a bag to carry all my papers and important things, a nice peppy one when I went shopping and maybe a smart clutch for the dinner. That was a lot of bags, but then every girl’s got to look good, feel good and take a shot at #fame. What you carry is your statement, your style, it’s simply you.

To cut a long story short, I went online and my search phrase was ‘travel bags’. In this process, I discovered quite a few things that I should not do and not look for. And then I chanced upon by the Lakme School of Style. This looked interesting, Sanjana was a vlogger and she also liked tote bags. So I kept watching and realized that I was watching what every girl looks for. She talked about tote bags, casual, stylish, handles which don’t hurt shoulders, clutches, slings which were adjustable and small bags within the big bag. The most interesting that I found was she talked about which bag to use on which occasion and what looks good with which. So I could be wearing Indian attire and carry something which was better suited to a western attire, my claim to #fame would not be the right one. Shapes matter too. So it was decided, brand was important but not the most important criteria—design, functionality, quality counted.

But first I collected all my documents and then went searching for the bags. I found a tote with a small bag inside. I also discovered a nice clutch, in fact some fancy clutches. I then went browsing for a classy, functional bag. I rejected all the pinks and yellows and greens. I searched for some subtle purples, dark blues and basic blacks. And then I found just the right one—designer, fashionable, suede and purple. And I was ready for my trip to Seoul.

I also figured out that the Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.