Canvas for all seasons and all reasonscanvas shoes

Words: Ambica Gulati

There’s a lot to be said about sudden travel plans. So what I do is keep a travel bag ready. And I think that’s what every man also needs to do. My travel bag also has a separate pair of shoes. I think every man also needs to do this as well. Shoes can make or break your day. Actually shoes maketh a man. Well, you can’t be running around or letting your day go awry just because you are uncomfortable and don’t have a good pair of shoes.
A good, stylish, comfortable pair is a must have in your travel bag. When travelling, the walk might not be in the best of conditions. I figured this out when a man in our group complained of tiredness all the time. The group had to always wait for him as he had pain in the knees and got tired easily.
In the afternoon we came to a foot spa. And the therapist began to give us a lesson on taking care of our feet, wearing the right shoes and generally being nice to our feet as they carry the weight of our bodies.
Initially the gentlemen did not realize that the tiredness was because of the wrong pair of shoes. But the therapist did something smart. He made him wear a pair of canvas shoes to figure out that he needed a different pair of shoes. The man got an option to try sneakers and then canvas. The leather ones he was wearing were certainly not working for him. What the therapist told us–the right sole, a comfortable top, good material are all important. Some sneakers are hard and do not have comfortable soles. This makes the toes pain and there is possibility of blisters too. And the sneakers need to be long lasting; they can’t be just some fancy fashion sneakers.
So began the group’s hunt in all the malls and open markets. We went to many places, many shops and many experts. Until we saw another man wearing some really comfortable looking denim-kind-of canvas shoes. These canvas shoes were not the ones we wore during the exercise class in school. These looked like fashion sneakers, they were smart, casual and light enough to be carried to back of the earth and back.
Requesting the man for directions, we all went to buy a pair of canvas shoes suited to our daily and travel needs. But what happens when one pair tears or we need variety. We go online and find an evergreen canvas pair which can reach home.
The lesson I learned—always keep a nice pair of evergreen canvas shoes in your travel bag. Canvas sneakers look good, anywhere, anytime and you can always find them in a variety of colours. They are pocket friendly too.
Now that a group of us were planning to go to Vrindavan, evergreen canvas has become a rule for the men. Since we had plans to walk around in the neighboring villages, everyone sent reminders for the canvas sneakers. So up, about and wearing the blue canvas sneakers with my jeans, we were off to Vrindavan.
The best part about evergreen canvas sneakers is that they look good with trousers as well as jeans. We spent the weekend walking. And in the process, I discovered a hole in one. It was time to bid the canvas shoes goodbye in Vrindavan. But I knew where I could find a brand new, chic pair from.