Bhimtal: A ride on Bhima’s lake

Where the web of stars sprinkles silver, the ripples of the lake beckon–it is the land where Bhima of Mahabharata worshipped Lord Shiva during the banishment of the PandavasSerene Bhimtal; pix: google

A zillion stars above, speechless and awestruck we kept looking up, lost in the glory of the night. A night sky so clear that we did not need a telescope to find the shining stars and the road lit with their silver glitter. We were on the road going towards the village of Jungalia from Bhimtal in Uttarakhand. Only the hum of the car engine disturbed the silence of the hills and far away little lights shone spread across the hilly area, twinkling like the stars. We were speaking in hushed tones as our guide pointed out the Orion and the crystal rim of the moon. This spot, where nature remains pristine and untouchable, was about 8 km from Bhimtal. We stood silent, looking up and then around, hoping to see the odd leopard or fox taking a night walk. But that didn’t happen, though we were told villagers have sighted wild animals.

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