On the road towards Badaun is the home of the friendly dolphins. An endangered river species, they scamper and play unaware in the Ganga barrage waters

Ganga river dolphin
Photo: WWF

Their long beak-like noses sticking out, they seemed to be coming towards us. Suddenly they disappeared from view. And then a tail emerged from far. Dark brown, they would have been mistaken for the water, if the flesh was not so firm and round. They went in and out, first nose out, then in, tail out and in. We were watching the play of the dolphins at the Ganga barrage in Narora. Fascinated, we kept trying to count the number we were seeing. Maybe it was four but maybe it was six. With the rapid in and out movement, it was difficult to decide.

We were on our way home from Badaun. And had stopped for some drinks and snacks. There were ghats on one side of the barrage where people normally did religious rituals, prayers and maybe some meditation. The Ganga flowed rhythmically unaware of the life around her banks.

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