A childhood full of pranks and divine acts, it is in Vrindavan that Radha and Krishna find themselves worshipped till eternityvrindavan_shashank_shekhar_shashankimages_hd-wallpaper-1787142

For many years, it was a town I visited almost every month. What fascinated me—I don’t know but it is a different world out there. One reason could be that it was quite a comfortable drive from my home, just about two and a half hours. I knew little about the town except that the Yamuna was now just a trickle in this once thriving forested town. Peacocks and snakes inhabited the land where Krishna had spent his childhood. History says that the town had lost its religious or cultural essence until Chaitanya Mahaprabhu discovered it in 1515. Lost in divine love, he located the lost holy places associated with Krishna. The town is a treasure house of temples.

Markets, monkeys and Banke Bihari
There is something very homelike about Vrindavan. There are no large streets. You have to leave your car out and walk through the alleys to reach the most famous Banke Bihari temple. Built in 1862, the idol of Banke Bihari was discovered in Nidhivan by the great Krishna devotee Swami Haridas.

There is a back street to reach the temple and a front street. The sensible ones use the back street as the front one is always crowded. But if you want a taste of Vrindavan, then you have to be on the front street.

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