It’s not just buses; double decker trains have their own flavours and personalities. A journey to remember as my neighbour was keen to know all about my marital life and the children I had, so she thought.

Double decker  train from jaipur to delhi
Double decker from jaipur to delhi

Double Decker–we are traveling back from Jaipur to Delhi in a double Decker train…I looked at the two media people with me. The young host kept looking at me, wondering whether I liked the idea or hated it. She didn’t know how to react. And hesitantly went on to tell me that she had got our breakfast packed as the train left early in the morning. I think it’s going to be an experience to remember, I told her with a flat face and watched the smile come back with a relief on her face.

So, the first sight of the double decker was quite a pleasant one. It looked like a normal train. There was nothing alarming thing about it. A lot of people sat on the top and a lot on the bottom and some on the side. We had a seat at the boootm tier. Were the ones sitting above going on fall on our heads? No, assured the man sitting adjacent.

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