How I mixed up the lines of the Delhi metro at night

Adventures are not made; they are born as we let our brain go off to sleep. But when the brain wakes up, the adventure begins. And if this is in the dark of the night, then it brings its own turbulence. My adventure in the Delhi metro at night.

Delhi metro

Delhi Metro station Karol bagh signal July 2009 by Rameshng – Own work.

Sometimes being intelligent is good, but most of the times being alert is better. This was my lesson one night on the last metro in Delhi. I don’t exactly remember why I was late that evening, but I caught the metro from Rajiv Chowk in Connaught Place for Noida City Centre. As it was around 9.50 pm, the train was practically empty. And I got a nice place to sit in the ladies compartment. Some girls were travelling back from work. An old beggar couple had sat next to me with their daughter who kept singing some songs and jumping around the compartment. Two friends sat in one corner, eating a packet of Lays chips, blatantly ignoring the do not eat in the metro warning. As there were less people, I could even hear the crunch of their chips and my stomach growled with hunger.

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