My first train journey: Ludhiana to Delhi

I was all of 17 and like all Indian girls, my life was sheltered one. I did not travel alone, I did not live alone, I did not have permission to stay out very late. Everyone at home controlled my ins and outs. Until I was going to stay in a boarding for a professional course after school.

Abhinav (The Ludhiana Edition) - Life had become exciting and I was now ready to experience independence. This was in many ways, including my first train journey. I was planning for the day, trains were fun.

My only train travels had been from Delhi to Bareilly to my grandmom’s home during the summer holidays when I was a ‘little too little’. My father didn’t like trains, so we always rented a cab when travelling out. And we would take at least two hours more to reach the destination as we stopped in many places along the way. And spend around 40 minutes at one stop.

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