Old world luxury on tracks—the era of maharajahs and memsahibs, this can only live on in India. And when it’s experienced mingled with spirituality and Indian hospitality, it’s an experience that lasts for a lifetime.

deccan odyssey luxury train It was a journey that has never happened again–a unique concept mixing the luxurious spirit of the train, Deccan Odyssey, with the pilgrimage to the five Sikh takhts. The takhts are seats of important events for the Sikhs. It seemed liked an odd concept, the Deccan Odyssey is run by the Government of Maharahstra and the reasons were all Punjabi, but this mix and match can only happen in India. And it went beautifully. The weeklong trip began with a day’s tour in Delhi with a round of the Bangla Sahib, Sis Ganj Sahib and lunch at The Imperial.

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