The little toy train, see how it goes…gaadi bula rahi hai, I actually thought it was going to call out. At the first sight of the little train from Simla to Kalka, I wanted to clap my hands and jump like a child. Its small coaches, smaller seating, but clean and one could lean half the body out of the window.

Himalayan Queen by Raghavan V.
Himalayan Queen by Raghavan V.

The air in my breeze, I was jumping up and down, talking non-stop while my friend made a face at every word I uttered. She belonged to Simla and hated the triple time it took in the train from Simla to Kalka. She had been insisting that we take the bus down the mountain curves as it was a faster way of traveling.

But I hated buses and felt nauseated. Besides trains were fun and we were not in a hurry. We can even hop in and out while it chugs through the mountains she told me. Agape, I stared at her. Could we really do something that happened only in the movies? She had done it many times. I could try. I could not… Could I?

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