Words: Gunjan Gaur

Travelling is inevitable even if the sun is blazing. The solution lies in the five must-have products that should be kept in your bag for showcasing a beautiful you even as the sun shines bright.

Wet Wipes: Being out in sun and pollution for long hours leaves a greasy layer on our face, making it appear dull. Washing your face is a hassle while travelling that can also mess-up with our make-up. Instead clean up using those wet-wipe tissues; that too in less than a minute. You can certainly keep these to remove all the dust and smear off your face.

Moisturizer cum Sunscreen: As sunny vacations mean more sun exposure, followed by skin dehydration too, do not forget to carry your moisturizer and sunguard along. While the moisturizer will deeply hydrate your skin, a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above will protect your skin from harmful effects of sun. Yet, if packing both these products is a messy affair for you, try a combination of both which is readily available in market these days.

Hair clips and bands: Lose and open hair are a big no-no during summers. Make super-in and stylish messy buns by using hair clips, pins or clutchers in vivid colors. This will not only keep sweat and hair away from you nape but up your style quotient in a jiffy too.

Make-up remover: Despite your extremely busy schedule, make sure you remove all traces of your make-up before you hit bed on your journey. This lets your skin breathe after the whole day’s hustle. So, pack along a quality make-up remover or baby oil and use it every night for unleashing a route towards youthful skin.

Night cream (with AHA, retinol content): Night creams are known to slow-down one’s ageing process by working on it for overnight. Therefore, make sure to pat some AHA or retinol based night creams after removing all traces of makeup at night. These are best applied before you head towards your bed as they boost the production of collagen for boosting the elasticity as well as youth on your skin.

Gunjan Gaur, alps beauty clinicsGunjan Gaur is Permanent Make-up expert and Executive Director
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