Located in the heart of Delhi, Ambrosia Bliss has more than 125 dishes on its menu, something for everyone but more in sync with the north Indian palate

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Ambrosia (food of the gods) but in Delhi Ambrosia Bliss offers food from across the Asian continent and Middle-East region, catering to the Capital’s taste for fusion. Located right in the heart of the city, in the buzzing Connaught Place, the restaurant is the brainchild of hospitality professional Rajesh Mohan and businessman Ghanshyam Das.

In the highly competitive food and beverages industry, to keep it thriving, the restaurant has three sections–a family place to eat, a section for conferences and workshops, small gatherings and then there’s the lounge. What makes for delectable evenings are the three al fresco dining spaces. With good lighting and a cosy ambience, these spaces offer a great view of the iconic shopping area, especially at night when the humdrum of the traffic starts fading.  “Altogether it makes for around 200 covers,” says Sachin Sachdeva, Brand Manager, Ambrosia Bliss. Making the place lively are “Signature Saturdays with live Sufi music and City ka Theka at Ambrosia Bliss on Fridays. We have a tie-up with Radiocity and the RJs come on Fridays for making it a lively Bollywood night,” adds Sachdeva.

The restaurant claims to have a full house the week through for dinner, even on dry days like Tuesday when most Indians avoid non-vegetarian food. “Though we are a stand-alone restaurant in the heart of the city with high competition, we offer professional and quality services at all times. We also have a large area of with 15,000 sq. ft. and ISO certifications for Food safety, Environment and Management. The staff strength is around 100 and our managers have over 15 years of experience,” elucidates Sachdeva.  In the conference section, “we have arrangements for workshops with a screen, projector and all other necessities. There is Wi-Fi facility across the restaurant”.

The family dining section has a large central area for slightly bigger groups. For those who want to avoid the peak dining times and simply come for a short meal, snack or coffee, and enjoy it at leisure, there are books and magazines to browse through. The restaurant also has a range of wines and cigars.

ambrosia bliss, connaught place, delhiDigging into the mezze platter, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the food was light and not oily. The servings suit two diners comfortably. The platter range was also interesting with falafel, hummus, babagnoush, lebneh, pita bread and pickled veg. There are different kinds of platters—the international vegetarian and non-vegetarian platter and the Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian ones. So one gets a taste of different kinds of kebabs and meats, but the pickles and the sauces and chutneys would make people in the north of the country happy.

Without getting into the wide range of courses, it was interesting to end the meal with a sugar-free dessert—lemon cake with lemon curd frosting.

Meeting the targets

The man behiParampreet luthra, corporate chef, ambrosia bliss nd crafting the menu, Corporate Chef Parampreet Luthra, shares what went into the making and what keeps Ambrosia Bliss full:

How did you decide on the menu?
Born and brought up in Delhi, it was not difficult to know what Delhi likes. I have travelled extensively around South East Asia region and the Middle East. Most of the dishes I could easily relate to and was sure that Delhiites would like the taste.

What has been the target for the restaurant?
We had a target of Rs 1.5 cr per month and we have been reaching it every month. The quality of the food is always maintained and feedback is an essential component. Chef Shyam ensures that the food is always cooked and served correct.

Has the target been achieved only through walk-in dining or are there any promotional activities also?
There is a dedicated sales team. So promotions are for group bookings, corporate meets and events as well.

Do you have a separate menu for these gatherings?
Yes, we customise the menu to suit the needs. We also have our set menus and guests can choose from those as well.

Do you have a bakery as well?
Yes, Chef Ali manages that. He has over 22 years of experience and if the guests book in advance, then we can prepare cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries. We are soon going to introduce a deli station, tentatively around August 2015.

Ambrosia is also one of the few restaurants offering the traditional (almost neglected now) butter chicken. What makes you keep it on the menu?
It’s always been a popular dish with most of us and still is. Most diners order it and we also have some regulars who actually come for this.

Which is the one dish which didn’t work and you had to take it out?
As per guest feedback and observing fewer orders, we had to take out Chicken Chettinad and Brain Canapé after the first few months.

Which is the one dish that does well?
The platters do well as starters. And then the main course, Indian food is well liked. Our Dal Makhni is cooked the traditional style and takes around 24 hours to cook.

What are the latest additions on the menu?
We have recently introduced hot dogs and burgers.


This article appeauntitledred in FHRAI magazine, June 2015 issue