Khajuraho was an exotic time with temples, erotic sculptures, murmurs of the past, worship of Shiva and some good walks in the green belt. But then we wanted a change, and thought of a picnic. It had been a long, long time since we went for a picnic. Both my friend and I had not been on a picnic since our childhood. So when the hotel staff suggested we try a ride to the nearby Raneh falls, we jumped at the chance.

raneh falls, wikipediaPicnic basket from Khajuraho

So, the next big thing was a decision on what to take with us. We packed the picnic in Khajuraho itself with lots of sandwiches, fruits, juices and some sweets. And began the 20-km car ride to Raneh Falls. The road was bumpy and we hit the roof more than watching the road the view. Eventually, we decided to put a towel on top of our heads to save the hits.

Raneh Falls are famous for their rock formations. This waterfall has water round the year and comes through multihued crystalline granite canyon. This fall is about 5 km long and about 100 ft deep. And around it are shades of pink, red and grey.

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