khajuraho: pix  https://indiainternationaltravels

Like most people, travel was not my forte once upon a time. I would visit a place because someone would take me or someone recommended. And my trip to Khajuraho happened in that phase. Ignorant me, I didn’t even know it was listed as a place to watch erotic sculptures and many books had been written on this.

My friend and I were busy trying to find a decent hotel to stay and reach the place because someone said it would make for a nice holiday. It was not the days of the internet and discount schemes. Everything was word of mouth. Our means of travel was the shatabdi.  I don’t even remember the hotel we stayed in but now Khajuraho has a number of good five-stars.

In those days, I was not a history fan either. I would not bother about guides, travel people, local guides and the ‘www’ didn’t exist in India. So, I reached one of the most exotic places in India knowing nothing, except that Khajuraho was the talked about part of India.

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