Incredible India with its vast, unexplored geographies. Some friends were sitting and discussing all that makes up this sub-continent and I realized that I had not seen the heart of India. I needed to explore the inner veins of the country. We got talking about Chattisgarh and what all this lesser talked about state offers. Names and places bounced off. And I was fascinated by Bastar. wrought-iron

So, digging into my phone book, and going through my Facebook list, I decided to speak with some people who had travelled to Chattisgarh. Out came exotic tales of beautiful places, lovely people, amazing arts and crafts and simple life. So Alka Kaushik, Stephanie Langiel, Abhinav Singh gave me some reasons to visit Bastar which has the famous 75-day Bastar Dussehra. This starts around the monsoon season and goes on till October when the rest of the country celebrates Dussehra. But there are more interesting things about Bastar—it is known as the Kashmir of Chattisgarh. It is said to be the legendary ‘Dandakaranya’ forest through which Rama passed during his exile. Researchers even claim that Valmiki’s ashram was located in Bastar.

Lots about Bastar

A tribal region, Bastar offers an entire gamut of views–forests, waterfalls, wildlife, ancient temples, tribal dances and music. And it is not far from the capital Raipur, around 264 km.

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