Colour me black at Nero, Le Meridien New Delhi

House of exotic cocktails and discreet talks in the heart of the CapitalAmore at Nero, Le Meridien

Words: Ambica Gulati

The day you look for that quiet, dark space with no one to disturb your thoughts or unwind with some close friends, then Nero could be your choice. With its dim lighting, black walls, you could just melt into the walls without anyone giving a damn. All you got to remember is that this is a place for some high end unwinding, nothing ostentatious works, except the wallet and maybe a shine of the silver sitting stools.

Nero was playing the harp as Rome burned’, this is what came to my mind when I entered, looking around for my group of friends. If this is where the notorious Roman King Nero was playing the harp as Rome burned, little wonder he didn’t bother! But at Nero of Le Meridien Delhi, French Bossa Nova band, Nouvelle Vague croons as you order your rounds of poison.

The black bar reminds one of the ancient dukes and duchesses and hidden secret agendas with its high-backed chairs sitting against the wall. I preferred the sitting space in the centre with silver.  stools. With some yummy broccoli to go with the Negroni, Nero became a time for whispering the deep dark secrets of the day with friends.

The place is best known for its sparkling cocktails and there are around five good ones which are packaged to suit the ‘destination unlocked’ mantra that the parent company Starwood has adopted for Le Meridiens across the globe. The experts take the best picks of spices and ingredients of the location and develop drinks around that. The fusion goes thus:

  • Negroni, a mix of Campari, Vermouth and dash of orange, is for those who like the bitter drinks.
  • Amore with its five spices, honey infused grappa and Spumante (the famous Italian sparkling white wine) was another good one. I think the ladies would enjoy the sweet taste and the subtle flavour of the spices.
  • Mizzle, if you like creamy drinks. This was not my kind of a drink. Made of Amarula (creame liquor from South Africa), black pepper and soda water, this has a melted ice cream like taste but the black pepper does add a twist.
  • London Mule made of Gin, fresh lime, ginger and ginger beer. I didn’t try this but the gin lovers said go for it. It takes time to prepare and must be enjoyed with a lot of snacks and gossip.
  • Bavarian Mojito with Larger, fresh mint lime and brown sugar was a healthy mix of honey and mint. A drink for all times.

I have just put down five, but the menu has a range of 76 cocktails, besides the regulars. A dash to Nero could really add some sparkle to a dull evening, check it out!

sparkling cocktails at Nero, Le Meridien New DelhiN 28°36′ E 77°13′, LE MERIDIEN NEW DELHI, Windsor Place Janpath, New Delhi 110001, India

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