The Project at Park Balluchi, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Go for the ambience

Words: Ambica Gulati

I had heard mixed reviews of The Project, some said good while others said average. My experience labels it as a blend. Some dishes are well cooked, while others need more attention. The ambience is good but then good lighting and trees and gardens have their own charm. And that is a draw for The Project.

Falafel with dips bench

Falafel with dips bench

The dishes I liked: The crust of the wood fired BBQ chicken pizza. The slices were easy to digest and the chicken properly cooked and easy to cut through. Pear and Apple salad tasted good in the summer. Falalel and dips bench of which the beetroot and hummus were excellent.

Must eat: Caramel Apple Pizza, this is different and works well for a dessert.

Caramel Apple pizza

Caramel Apple pizza

Passe: Seafood Risotto—it didn’t do anything for my palate. Grilled Tiger Prawns were underdone and would have worked better with some softening.

Drinks I had: Green Apple and Cinnamon Martini and Melon Sangria, both didn’t add any zing to the food.

Service is slow, music needs to be more upbeat and the food with a little more attention can raise the bar for this restaurant which is so well located in one of Delhi’s most popular food hubs. As the weather was sultry, I sat indoors but next time I would opt for the outdoors.


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