kalimpong by .travelwithsmileIt was a hot day, and I was browsing through the Facebook posts. People have such interesting lives and here I was bored trying to find some place to vent out this boredom. And then I saw my friend Vijaya Tamang’s pictures of a blue sky, green sprawling hills and her hair flowing in the breeze. Kalimpong, she was in one of the most beautiful places in India.

Vijaya and Vivek, I had met them in Anandpur Sahib and they planned to open a retreat in Kalimpong. Vijaya told me that I was to write about it, so the moment I saw the pictures I made my plan. I dialed her number and through the phone popped out some of the most exotic locales I could see in Kalimpong. It is also the centre of wool business in east India.

A mixture of culture, history, Kalimpong resonates with stories. From architecture to cuisines and festivals, there are tales of Bhutan, British times. Some say Kalimpong means black spur in Bhutanese while others call it the ‘ridge where we play’, a sports field in earlier times.

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