Celebrating 10 years in Mumbai and three days of just a one-day menu in Delhi

nachos with beans, indigo deliWords: Ambica Gulati

There are some places which bring you the ambience, where you feel like relaxing and that’s what Indigo Deli does. Located in Ambience Mall, Delhi, it’s one of those eat out places in the mall where you can just put all your shopping bags down and sip on a cocktail forgetting the aching feel et al.

As the restaurant has turned 10 in Mumbai, it held a three-day long celebration in Delhi too. The USP: the menu in these days was not going to be repeated on any other day. And some dishes which had more takers might be in the new menu from July 13, 2015. The concept is interesting, you find the dish only for a day, but the challenge was what would make its way for all those reading this piece.

Chef Ritwik Sarkar took my feedback on the Friday Truck menu which was loaded with fried dishes and cheese. It was too heavy on calories but then the truck drivers need this kind of food. I told him for most of us metro inhabitants with no physical movement this was too loaded with calories.
I took a dish of Nachos with refried beans. The nachos were light and the red kidney beans were like the rajma we make at home. The north Indian palete would like this snack with drinks. It went particularly well with the vodka-based watermelon and kafir lime cocktail I had.

The paella was full of with meats—clams, prawns, lamb, pork. I did try this experiment but I am not a heavy meat eater, so I wouldn’t try it again.

paellaAlso, I like to keep the dinner light, so I ended with a sago mango pudding which I think all light eaters would like. Sago tastes something like sabut dana and the mango was fresh ripe one. Well, as this truck menu was only for July 10, 2015, it isn’t coming again. But Chef Sarkar said the new menu is a surprise and I might find something in there. Well, we just have to go again to know this.