Kamakhya Guwahati by Kunal DaluiIt was a heavy lunch and we got talking about ghosts and premonitions. And the chat kept moving between people with special powers, places of worship and how people are exploited in the name of spirituality. Then a journalist friend talked about the Kamakhya temple in Assam.

Temples are laden with history, myths, legends and also superstition. Some things remain mysterious and it’s the mysterious which compels us to explore the world within. And this is true of Kamakhya too. It is among the 52 shakti peeths or power spots of the Devi. It is said the yoni of Sati fell here. Among the ooh, aahs and ‘tell me more’, conversation now moved to interesting things such as the festivals held there, the ritual of sacrifice and more.

While most take the traditional puja thali when visiting the goddess’ abode, some offer a goat too to please her. But yoni means productivity, my friend went on to tell us. And that’s the reason people come there—for finding the right partner, for falling in love, for having a child, primarily for marital bliss.

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