Remember Home Alone, the movie on a kid who got left behind by the family during a Christmas holiday? That’s what I call a blunder. But there are more blunders that can rock your trip and make you want to take another trip to wash out the after effects. how to avoid travel blunders1. Make sure your tickets are with you. A friend was travelling to Mumbai for a workshop organized by her organization. As there was a much-awaited extended family dinner on the same night, she decided to change her tickets to a later flight, and did all this while she was in office. So, work pressure and family pressure, and then changing the tickets took time. She had already got her luggage in the car. Rushing between work and phone calls, she forgot to take a print out of the new tickets and went off for the family dinner, and then rushed again to the airport. Then frantic, she realized that she didn’t have the tickets in her bag. The phone was not charged, so she couldn’t access her emails either. Fortunately, she had 30 minutes extra. So she managed to find a place to log on and get her tickets. But everyone might not be that lucky! Forgetting your tickets is certainly not a good idea. To read the full article, click here