Days of the Raj: Authentic Indian flavours

Food which will makes your taste buds tickle and your tongue trickle

Days of the Raj, DelhiWords: Ambica Gulati

In the days of fusion, or rather I would say blend of globalisation, there is somewhere you can have the good old Indian food. And some place is right here in Delhi, Days of the Raj (DoR). Going to this place is such a break, as you don’t have to think about your palate and what it’s going to get. You know its Indian fare, something you have been used to since childhood.

The place has the lavish, sink-in sofas and chandeliers to match the name. The ambience is warm and amber and you see a good collection of whiskies in the bar. What I enjoyed though was a pineapple-based cocktail while my friend went for a round of whisky.

What pleased me most were the Indian songs. It was such a change from the usual jazz that plays in most fine-dining spaces and a pleasure to hear Hindi songs.

Chicken A La Kiev at Days of the RajNow, the food. I tried a lot of starters, so there was little space left for the main course. Being Indian, I had expected more oil and masala, but I was left to chew my lips. The food is light and the only masalas you find are the ones you ask for. If you prefer lesser spices, it’s best to state your preference when placing the order.

There were the traditional Bukhni Kebabs, Bharwan Dahi Ke Kebab, Tilwala Murgh Tikka, Grilled Chutney Fish, Peeli Mirch aur Kesar ka Paneer Tikka. And these go well with any kind of drink and good company.

veg cigarellos, days of the raj, delhiBut what was memorable and an experience that can’t be paralled were the Veg Cigarellos. These were light, thin, crisp and so perfectly cooked; it’s difficult to describe them.

And for those wanting that mixed touch, I would recommend Masala Keema Scotch Eggs and Mango Chutney filled potato croquettes.

The main course was smaller for me and my friend who went for the ages-old boneless butter chicken. I liked the gravy being a tomato fan, but had only a little due to the calorie quotient! But the Missi Roti was complete in itself. Actually one could just have that thin crisp roti with chutney and raita and it would work very well after the huge number of starters. But I did try the hot and spicy Kurkuri Bhindi.

The thing which I love about Indian food is that you can eat with your hands and not worry about which fork or knife to use. And then you get the warm water bowl to wipe out the turmeric-laden gravy marks. Another thing I had forgotten as now in most places there are disposable napkins.

We ended with the traditional Gur kee Kheer served in an earthern bowl and signature fruit-laden pudding. I ended with a cup of green tea as this was needed after that much dinner. But to be Indian, dining in an Indian fine dining with some soothing Hindi songs in Delhi, this was pure pleasure for the palate and the senses.

The man behind the food: Chef Nawal Prakash, Cuisine Trainer

About Days of the Raj

Set up over 13 years ago to give an Anglo-Indian, fine dine experience, DoR was the place to be for a culinary high that ranged from Empire Roast Chicken to Butter Chicken, English bakes to desi rotis. The restaurant closed to reinvent last year and opened in late-June 2015 with a new evolved menu. DoR is owned by Rajiv and Manish Choudhary, the same duo who have run TC pub in Adchini (not to be confused with Cafe TC in Saket) since the 1990s, all the Route04 and with a successful 100% Rock in Jaipur as well.

Gur ki Kheer, days of the raj, delhiAddress: Days of the Raj, 81 Adchini, first floor, Qutub Residency, Sri Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi 17

For reservations, call 9810708457

Meal for two with alcohol: Rs 2,200

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