Sunscreen and eye gel for a soothing influence

Under eye gel by Organic HarvestWords: Ambica Gulati

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? It’s every woman’s question, as she finds everything wrong with her skin. And that’s the reason she experiments and is always on the lookout for something better.

In this quest, I was offered a trail of Organic Harvest’s Sunscreen with SPF 60 (Rs 695) and Under Eye Gel (Rs 495). A home-grown brand, Organic Harvest was founded in 2013 by Rahul Agarwal. The brSunscreen SPF 60 by Organic Harvestand claims to be chemical free and promotes being beautiful through natural products.

I used the sunscreen for a week. Luckily, just a month back, a skin care expert had guided me on the use of sunscreen and I used that method only. As this comes with SPF 60, it has an advantage over many others that I have used. Its promise is water resistant and long lasting. It lived up to both! It’s light, non-sticky, comes in an easy to keep in bag bottle and doesn’t take much space. It’s value for money surely.

The under eye gel is soothing, but as the dark circles under my eyes are stubborn, I would probably need to use it longer to see relief in colour. But the quality is good and it blends easily into the skin. It also makes your sleep better. I use it sometimes when I am too tired also. It helps in providing relief.

Certainly worth a buy and carry in your travel bag!